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New - BC Wills and Estates Blog - Mental Illness and the Capacity to Make a Will

Even those with recent history of mental illness may have the capacity to make a valid will. That means anyone hoping to challenge the validity of such a will requires direct evidence of the will-maker’s incapacity to establish a will is invalid.

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Workplace Sanctions for Off Duty Conduct

Off-duty conduct has recently attracted sanctions – up to and including the termination of employment - in Canada, Australia and The UK

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Our Group has learned through experience that workplace disputes can have profound personal and financial impact on all involved, including loss of valued personnel; economic impact on business; creating poisoned work environments and the potential for detrimental impact on business reputation.

Our Group members stress the need for a preventative approach, including strongly drafted agreements,workplace training and effective policies and use of mediation and alternate dispute resolution techniques.

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Melanie Samuels

Melanie Samuels has gained extensive experience in Labour and Employment Law, articling and practicing at Fasken Martineau and then at Lawson Lundell for over 17 years, prior to joining Singleton Urquhart. She advises clients on all employment and labour relations issues including discipline and dismissal, severance arrangements and employment contracts, human rights issues, benefits administration and all other employment and labour related matters.

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