Letter of the Law first came on the scene in 1988. It was the brainchild of Bonita Thompson Q.C. and provided an excellent platform for connecting to our clients. It also kept them informed on legal issues and apprised them of goings-on at SU.

At that the time, newsletters from law firms were rare, and Bonita’s pet project put us on the leading edge. In its early days, LoL ran in black and white, but it evolved to include colourful illustrations and an eye-catching layout in addition to the well- written articles that garnered praise and awards along the way.

Letter of the Law is still going strong, and with a new look coming in 2018 it will continue to deliver the excellent content our readers have come to expect. The centerspread of this issue features a look back at our publication, so please join us on a trip down memory lane.

It’s always good to reflect on the past, all the more so at this time of year. We hope you take time to pause and reflect with your loved ones this holiday season. Wishing you the best in 2018 from all of US@SU!

In this Issue:

Putting the Content Cat Back in the Bag

When Two Wills are Better Than One

Letter of the Law–29 Years Strong

Data Rooms: Integral to a Purchase & Sale Transaction

US@SU Winter 2017

Appealing Arbitral Awards—A New Option Outside the Courts

Landlords: Look Out for Stringent New Privacy Rules

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