The Law Society of Ontario’s Professional Development and Competence Committee, led by Singleton Reynolds’ Peter Wardle, has announced changes to its lawyer licensing regime. In response to discussions and consultations, the Law Society has opted to retain the two current licensing pathways available for freshly minted law graduates: articling and the Law Practice Program (LPP). However, articling and LPP positions will now be required to be paid (in most instances).

In Peter’s view, these changes are positive for the profession:

“The majority of committee members and most of those who provided input agree that transitional training provides candidates with an opportunity to deal with real issues and actual clients in authentic settings… We also believe that the proposed enhancements will address flaws in the current system, so that all candidates have a more uniform, valuable experience. This option is also consistent with the licensing processes of other Canadian law societies and those of most regulated professions.”

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