Articling Programs

Recruiting the best students is a priority at Singleton Reynolds because those same students represent our future. Our goal is to develop strong lawyers from student right through to partner. We will take a broad view of your career by looking past the student program to focus on your legal career.

Our students start their careers with an in-depth orientation program focused on legal skills as well as integration into our open and supportive culture. We aim to provide each of our students (Article and Summer) the necessary tools and opportunities to build a career in law and to make connections with the colleagues, clients, and staff.

With no fixed rotation schedule, we provide each of our students with a broad based, and highly personalised development experience. Lawyers assign work directly to our students. This method provides an excellent opportunity to interact with each of our lawyers and allows students to seek out work in the areas that interests them the most and provides them with the greatest learning benefit.

Our articling students are assigned a Partner who will serve as their principal. The principal oversees their development and on-the-job training and is responsible for the quality of their assigned student’s articles.

Our students are also assigned an associate mentor. The associate mentor assists the principal in the monitoring of the student’s progress and gives support and guidance throughout the articling year. Given our structure and environment, informal mentoring relationships are inevitable and we encourage our students to take advantage of all mentorship offered within the firm.

Opportunities for Feedback and Continuing Education

At Singleton Reynolds we support our students’ and lawyers’ appetite for continuous learning, knowledge and professional development. As part of this goal, SR Institute, a Law Society accredited, in-house curriculum of continued legal education supports our legal staff with their thirst for knowledge. Our lawyers are supported by practice groups that includes students and meets monthly to discuss updates in law and practice issues. Our students meet regularly with mentors, both partners and associates, who will ensure students are receiving the training that they crave. All lawyers who work with the students are encouraged to provide ongoing, developmental feedback over the course of the summer or articling term.

What we look for in Article Students

  • Innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Excellent academic background that demonstrates the potential to provide outstanding legal services.
  • Collaborative work ethic that contributes to our positive work environment.
  • A commitment to excellence.
  • An eagerness to collaborate, learn, and grow within our environment.

Application Process

If you believe that our environment would suit you as a great place to complete your articles, we very much look forward to receiving your application.

Contact Information

Please e-mail your CV, a covering letter, and your university transcripts – for both your undergraduate and law degrees in PDF format, to the following address:

Attention: Marianne Johnstone
Professional Services Coordinator
Singleton Reynolds

925 West Georgia Street
Suite 1200
Vancouver, BC V6C 3L2

Interviews in Vancouver are conducted in August of each year for placement in the subsequent year as set out in the Vancouver Bar Association (“VBA”) guidelines.

How My Summer was Spent Articling at Singleton

A first-hand account from one of our previous articled students, who now practices at Singleton Reynolds as an Associate.

What is it like being an Articled Student at Singleton Reynolds for Dan Barber (2009-2010)

Feedback and Continuing Legal Education

At Singleton Reynolds we believe feedback is central to the learning process. All lawyers who interact with the summer students are encouraged to give them ongoing, constructive, critical appraisals regarding their performance. We are committed to providing ongoing skills training for our lawyers, and we encourage our summer students to take part in our monthly continuing education seminars.

Pay and Benefits

Singleton Reynolds hires summer students for the period of May through August of each year, following the same procedures and pay, including dental and extended health benefits, as we do with articling students. On completion of summer articles, students who are offered and accept full articling positions with us will receive $5,000 as a contribution toward the last year of law school.

“I am impressed with their team. They have in-depth and extensive knowledge and varied experience within many aspects of the construction industry.”

Chambers Global


Interviews are conducted in October of each year for placement in the subsequent summer term as sent out in the Vancouver Bar Association (“VBA”) guidelines.
Successful candidates typically possess excellent academic records, superior writing and communications skills, and other experiences that demonstrate a commitment to excellence, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a potential for success as a lawyer.