The tradition of Letter of the Law dates back nearly 30 years. During that time, we’ve seen a lot of things come and go. To start, in looking back at authors’ photos over the years, you can see that trends in clothing and hair have certainly come and gone. Now LoL has been published long enough for some styles to have come full circle!

But what has stayed the same is our commitment to providing a quality publication our readers find valuable and engaging.

Over the years, we’ve covered recent cases and timely legal topics, all in an approachable style to keep readers reading. We also try to stay abreast of current affairs and changes to legislation—anything that could affect our clients’ business so they can stay one step ahead.

We’re grateful to all of our supporters, past and present, including clients, friends, colleagues and members of the bench.

This is the last issue of Letter of the Law that you’ll see with the current design, so here’s a snapshot of its past. But we’re proud to continue the tradition of excellence by starting 2018 with a fresh, new look and feel that will make it even more compelling while keeping up with the latest trends.

120+ publications & 4 managing editors

In the past 29 years, LoL has gone to print more than 120 times. Since LoL was started by Bonita Thompson Q.C. in 1988 with help from two of Canada’s most respected writers and editors, Paul and Audrey Grescoe, we’ve had a few people throw their hat in the managing editor’s ring. Bonita was managing editor until 2000. Jeffrey Hand recalls his first stint sometime in the late 1990s. Then Kate McLean took over for the next few years. In 2003, David Perry stepped into the role until, in 2012, he passed the baton back to Jeff, who remains managing editor today, some 25 years after his first kick at the can.

Excellence is key

The high standards for editorial content set by Bonita and the Grescoes continued for 14 years under the steady hand of Mark Budgen, an accomplished editor, writer and journalist. The mantle then passed to today’s award-winning editor and project manager, Glenda Bartosh. Letter of the Law has also been recognized three times by Printing Industries of America with the Premier Print Award for newsletters, which recognizes the highest quality printed pieces from around the world.

Visually appealing—and entertaining

The unique look and feel of Letter of the Law have been courtesy of different artists over the years. Our current design and illustration style, which have been in place since 2008, is the work of artist John Belisle of Signals Design Group. John’s work has distinguished many projects, perhaps most notably Canada Post’s special edition stamps for the 2010 Winter Olympics. We were also lucky enough to feature original cartoons by well-known Canadian writer and political cartoonist, Geoff Olson.

Geoff’s work has been featured in various high-profile publications over the years, and we’re proud LoL is among them. Letter of the Law has never been shy about having some fun, too. Some of the earliest photographs featured Canadian actor Jackson Davies of the classic television series, The Beachcombers, depicting topics in a comical, tongue-in-cheek way.

We’re looking forward to introducing the next installment of Letter of the Law in the New Year!