We’ve been involved in claims alleging breaches of fiduciary duties, insider trading, securities fraud, oppressive misconduct and mismanagement of corporate assets. Our experience includes investigating and unravelling Ponzi schemes, real estate investment frauds and oppression of minority shareholders in both individual actions and class actions.

Ponzi Schemes

We acted for Canadian investors in a real estate investment scheme involving hundreds of private corporations and hundreds of millions of dollars lost on real estate investments in the United States.

Oppression Actions

We have acted for directors and officers alleged to have managed a large mining operation in B.C. in an oppressive manner resulting in the loss of investment by minority shareholders. Legal proceedings resulted in a full buyout of the minority interest to the significant benefit of the majority and the company.

Class Actions

We have represented directors and officers in multiple class actions alleging insurance fraud, misappropriation of shareholders’ funds and fraudulent misrepresentation of investment opportunities and negligent mismanagement of corporate assets.