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The Goal of the Public Policy Group

Our goal is to help to make the law in the areas we practise in and to drive forward with practical solutions that help industry participants function more effectively.  By leading the field in public policy, we can provide our clients with advice on the effects of significant legislative change and also give back to the industries we serve.

Some Examples of the Group’s Activities

Legislative Reform

Bruce Reynolds and Sharon Vogel acted as co-counsel for the Ontario Government in conducting a review of Ontario’s Construction Lien Act and prepared a report, Striking the Balance: Expert Review of the Construction Lien Act.  They then worked closely with the Ministry of the Attorney General in drafting Bill 142, which included 98 out of the 101 recommendations presented in their report. Bill 142 “An Act to Amend the Construction Lien Act” was recently proclaimed in the Ontario Legislative Assembly.

As well, our firm was recently retained to act for the federal government in conducting a review of prompt payment and adjudication in the federal context.

White Papers

We have provided advice to industry associations on the effects of government policy.  Our advice in such areas has resulted in significant constructive policy changes.

Advice to Clients on Responding to Government

We have provided advice to clients on responding to government policy and legislative change, as well as government reports that directly affect their business.

Information Requests

We have provided support to our clients in obtaining information from government, including advice in respect of relevant privacy laws.


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