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Estate planning is an individual process specifically designed to meet your needs and wishes for the future. Our goal is to provide advice and services in preparing the best estate, tax and retirement planning for you.

What Is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is a process. It involves the people you care about most- your family, oth­er individuals, and in many cases, charitable organizations. It also involves your assets and the various forms of ownership those assets may take. Estate planning addresses your future needs in case you ever become unable to care for yourself. It is an important step in managing your future.

Services we offer:


Preparation of wills of varying complexity.

Estate Administration

Assist with estate administration and probate of wills and provide services with respect to wills variation and other estate litigation matters.

Representation Agreements

Preparation of representation agreements including financial/ legal matters and future health and personal care matters.

Family Trusts

Implementation and administra­tion of family trusts as part of tax and wealth preservation plan­ning.

Power Of Attorney

Preparation of specific and endur­ing powers of attorney.

Committeeships/Adult Guardianship

Preparation of your nomination of committee for your future heath care needs. Preparation of your application of appointment as committee

Charitable Giving

Advice with respect to charitable giving and the tax advantages and structure of donations to charities.

Corporate Reorganization

Implementation of corporate reorganizations related to estate planning.