Singleton Reynolds has been providing legal services to professionals from the date of its inception in 1982. Members of the firm have been advising professionals for more than 40 years. The firm provides legal services to a number of professions, including architects and engi­neers, accountants, land surveyors, insurance professionals and finance professionals.

Singleton Reynolds recognizes that profes­sionals present a unique set of issues for problem solving. Our professional liability practice groups are tailor-made to meet those needs. The individuals of each practice group have extensive experience in ensuring that the professionals’ legal needs are addressed in an effective, expeditious and efficient manner.


Singleton Reynolds has been providing legal representation to accountants and accounting firms, along with many other professions, since its inception.

We believe that, to be effective advocates for professionals, lawyers must understand the particular concerns professionals face when they are accused of an error, omission, or impropriety. Civil lawsuits affect professionals differently than companies or private citizens. As with disciplinary proceedings, complaints made through the courts involve issues of professional integrity and potentially serious financial consequences. Moreover, some options that are available to a company in similar circumstances are not available to a professional.

An effective advocate for a professional also should have an understanding of the technical subject matter of the claims, the profession’s ethical duties and standards and solid contacts within the profession.

Architects & Engineers

From the date of its inception in 1982 Singleton Reynolds has provided legal representation to architects and engineers.

Members of our group regularly advise and represent consultants with respect to disciplinary matters.

We believe that we know the business and needs of this group of professionals as well as anyone.

We know we can demonstrate through past experience that we understand the design professionals’ business and the tools they require to manage the risks they are faced with on a day-to-day basis.

Miscellaneous Errors & Omissions

Our Professional liability group has a wealth of experience in defending a wide variety of liability claims made against professionals in the insurance, real estate, construction, and finance fields as well as advising on any insurance coverage issues that might arise.

Our members routinely defend insurance adjusters and brokers on professional negligence claims and have done so for over 20 years.

Professionals involved in the sale of real estate, such as real estate agents and land appraisers, can seek guidance from our group. Singleton Reynolds is regularly retained by the insurers of these professionals to defend liability claims and to advise on coverage issues.

Our depth of experience extends to responding to claims made against land surveyors and technicians involved in the construction industry.

For those involved in financial planning and investment advice, our group understands your profession and knows how to defend any liability claims you may face.

Singleton Reynolds knows how professionals work and how to defend them.