As mediators we facilitate negotiations between parties in order to encourage resolution and avoid ongoing conflict. Our mediators bring significant industry experience assisting in the resolution of disputes in the construction, infrastructure and insurance industries.


We are regularly appointed as individual or panel members to complex commercial arbitration proceedings involving multiple parties and issues. Our arbitrators are also trained mediators. As a result these proceedings often lead to a more cost-effective mediated solution.


One of the worst enemies of a construction project is delay. As adjudicators we are tasked with the obligation to make quick decisions on course-of-construction issues so that schedules and completion dates are maintained.

Dispute Resolution Boards

As members of a Dispute Resolution Board (DRB), we are briefed on both technical and financial issues as they arise for immediate resolution or, sometimes for a full hearing on the issues after the project is complete.

Fairness Monitor

We have served as fairness monitor on over 65 major infrastructure projects in the past 10 years, bringing assurance that the procurement process is fair, transparent and unbiased. Proponents who engage a fairness monitor can avoid costly challenges and delays, and also demonstrate a commitment to best practices in the procurement process.