Business and personal matters

We have broad and deep experience providing advice to businesses and individuals in matters relating to and arising out of the entertainment industry and creative arts, including corporate law, shareholders’ rights, financing, insurance, E&O, labour and employment, immigration, contractual, e-commerce, real property and leasing, estate and other personal matters, all in their often multi-jurisdictional aspects.


Negotiation resulting in a contract or settlement of a dispute by agreement often serves our clients best. Our experience and expertise in the entertainment industry allows us to quickly understand the nature of the dispute and, in consultation with our clients, formulate and carry out a plan for resolution.


If a dispute must be litigated, or litigation options must be explored, our lawyers are experienced at all levels of court in British Columbia and Canada. They are always well-prepared to litigate and have expertise in areas both unique to the entertainment industry and as diverse as copyright, trademark, digital media, publicity and privacy rights, corporate law, shareholders’ rights, contract or tort law, insurance, defamation, commercial leases, service or software supply, employment, immigration, monetary claims, the enforcement of judgments and jurisdictional matters.

Arbitration and mediation

We always consider whether or not alternative dispute resolution is required or will serve our clients’ interest as a more efficient and private method of dispute resolution. Our lawyers are experienced advocates in all forms of ADR, including mediation and arbitration, including IFTA, domestic and international commercial arbitration. They are also very experienced at acting as arbitrators and mediators.